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James M. Vernon is a dual-licensed engineer and attorney with extensive business and real estate development experience. With this foundation, he is able to approach client problems with logic, evidence, structure and a practical, reality-based mindset.

Because Mr. Vernon has represented the different perspectives of business and real estate transactions, he understands firsthand the stresses and costs of accomplishing goals and solving problems. Every engagement that Mr. Vernon takes on is real and personal – not just theoretical.

Key Areas of EXPERTISE


Whether it’s to meet strategic goals or solve complex problems, Mr. Vernon applies the law with creativity and precision. Key practice areas include real estate acquisition and development, civil litigation, licensing and administrative procedures, asset protection, business consulting and transactions, workouts, alternative fuels and more.
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James M. Vernon provides property owners, developers and contractors with professional engineering solutions for land planning, site design, inspections and construction management. With experience in both development and engineering, he offers cost-effective and efficient solutions for a wide range of issues.
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Land Development

With the experience and credentials required for successful real estate development, James M. Vernon builds relationships in order to bring value-added experience and knowledge to any project. He is open to both fee-based and equity-based participation, so that clients can leverage his professional resources in the most effective way possible.
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Business structures and disputes, real property development and construction can be costly and complex. Mr. Vernon enters into each relationship with the objective of simplifying complexity and structuring cost-effective solutions. He offers a unique combination of legal and regulatory expertise, technical knowledge and comprehensive, hands-on experience in planning, funding, development and sales.

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